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Ausgender Services


Ausgender offers peer support and assistance in many areas of life.

Our services:
Social Gatherings and Networking
- Regular monthly group meetings
- Other events and social gatherings (see details on the Events page)

Practical Assistance
Mutual help with the practical aspects of transition;
- name changes
- updating legal documents
- moving house
- finding cheap clothing and computer equipment
- booking flights and accommodation when travelling interstate or overseas for surgery.

By sharing resources, experiences and information, we can save money and make the transition process easier and more comfortable.

- Short-term accommodation may be available for community members who have suddenly found themselves homeless or who are travelling to the city for medical appointments and/or surgeries.
- Helping single people in transition to group together and set up share-houses (to minimise accommodation and living costs while they find work and save up for surgeries).

Medical and Legal Referrals
- Researching and sharing knowledge of trans-supportive legal and medical professionals including GP's, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Endocrinologists, Surgeons, Electrologists, and other specialists involved in and related to the transition process.

Coordination with Other Organisations
Ausgender will work closely with other community organisations, medical clinics, interstate gender centers, the ALSO foundation, telephone counselling groups, and relevant government agencies in order to achieve common goals for all transgendered/transsexual people.

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Hairless Removal

GK Hair Removal

Transgender Voice Training


On 'Passing' As A Woman
Right up front I will tell you that I cringe when I hear passing as a woman in relation to a trans woman. What this really means is pas [ view ]



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